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Bob and Ron provide valuable information and real-life examples of human factors validation and what should and should not be done

Excellent Course!! For someone practiced in HF, but new to medical devices, this was exactly the course and content I needed to understand my new industry

A great investment of time for practitioners looking for advanced information and training beyond the introductory course offerings

The knowledge imparted by Ron and Bob through the slides and answering the large amount of questions

The opportunity to have a glimpse on FDA submission review thought process

Great topic, great expertise. It’s the most advanced training available for practitioners in the medical domain

The direct insight into what the FDA is looking for. Hearing the stories from the speakers’ experience is very helpful and very valuable information. It also gives a perspective that the FDA are normal people that don’t have all the answers all the time, but they approach the public needs with logic and understanding

The content was spot on. I especially appreciated insights about the FDA review process and how there viewers review submissions. Also, the expertise of the presenters

Excellent practical and immediately applicable knowledge and insights.